Infinity ROM For Galaxy Ace (Cyanogen 7.2 Based)

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Samsung Galaxy Ace
Infinity Rom

Well its fully transparent rom fully Cristal clear
I worked on many aspects for performance improvement
So its very fast rom and light weight
I tried my best to make it best user interface you ever used on your galaxy ace.
For me I get most of things that I thought when started this project.
If you not like Rom no matter but don’t spam as you not paid for it so you not have any right for abusing me.
So now I completed small introduction with rom.


First of all its based on cm7.2
Kernel updated to black hawk OC kernel by ketut.kumajaya
Its fully transparent includind most of apps
Many mods in UI which will you notice when you use it
Camera Improvement (I’m not much using so need confirmation)
some one asked me ones on screen buttons
so it has on screen buttons. choose from cm setting/tablet setting/soft buttons
I not remember all my mods as working for around month
Well now barbones is in demand so its also barbones
very light weight
many modifications to improve performance
turbocharger script by Gadgetcheck
And lots more

Plz feel free to tell bugs and also help in fixes if you can

Very speciall thanks to these guys
AXEl2033 for cm7.2
Ketut.kumajaya for OC kernel
Gadgetcheck for Turbocharger script
Last but not the list
Persion who moded bootanimation of cm9(actually not remember who done this out of all cm9 cooper team.

Download Link: 

How to install

Go in cwm5
wipe data factory reset
wipe cache partition
wipe dalvic cache
now install rom
now reboot twice for better performance

after you see launcher flash this by cwm
MMS text bug fix [update 7/1/12]

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