Samsung Galaxy S II Style ROM For Galaxy Ace

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Samsung Galaxy Ace
What’s Inside The ROM

– Based on 2.3.5 XWKS2/XWKS9
– Filesystems is EXT 4
– CF-Root 3.7
– Root And deodexed
– App2sd activated and tweak manager is available
– ISC wallpaper, ISC music.
– RED Overglow scroll glow enabled
– Black/RED Themed
– Supercharger V6 script
– SGS II Bootanimation THX to Robinandroid
– CRT Off enabled
– Extended Power menu
– Transparent and modded Touchwizz Launcher
– Updated market

How to Install

Go to Clockwork Mod  Recovery

Do a 3x factory wipe

Do 3x cache wipe

And Do 1x dalvik cache wipe for optimal use

Then select install zip form sd card and find the zip file


SCREENSHOTS Are Attached Below


Download links

V1 —
V2 —
V3 —



V1 – SGS II STYLE Added and everything working

V2 – SGS II Bootanimation added / changed some tweaks
and more

V3 – Fixed some bugs and removed old keyboard and replaced with samsung keyboard
modded the SystemUI with SGS II mods
and more

Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165601.jpgViews: 1687Size: 25.7 KBID: 839328 Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165605.jpgViews: 799Size: 26.0 KBID: 839329 Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165608.jpgViews: 584Size: 20.1 KBID: 839330 Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165613.jpgViews: 571Size: 18.6 KBID: 839331 Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165616.pngViews: 786Size: 74.5 KBID: 839335

Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165624.pngViews: 958Size: 25.8 KBID: 839336 Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165631.jpgViews: 575Size: 18.6 KBID: 839337 Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165638.pngViews: 839Size: 25.8 KBID: 839338 Click image for larger versionName: SC20120102-165727.pngViews: 727Size: 28.2 KBID: 839339

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