Galaxy Nexus Gets Android 4.0.2 OTA Update

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Samsung Galaxy Nexus
The latest of the pure Google phone, Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich is mostly available in all parts of the world. Google has started rolling out the update to Android 4.0.2 to their existing Galaxy Nexus GSM  consumers.

This update to Android 4.0.2 is available on the Air i.e, via direct download from their mobile phone. This update is of 8.8 Mb file size. For the users who are on 4.0.1 Android version will automatically get notified for the update. For those users who didn’t get notified about this update they can check whether this update is available by going through Menu > Settings > About Phone and then selecting the Software update. The carrier will directly display if there is an update available and by following the on screen instruction you can update it within 10 minutes of time.
What included in Android 4.0.2 update?
As of now Google representative didn’t comment on the enhancements and improvement included in this update but its pretty sure that, like other updates this fixes important bugs. So its important for the Galaxy Nexus GSM handset owner to update their phone. No reports whether this update is available for carrier based contract phones.
If you are the proud owner of the first phone with Ice Cream Sandwich then do let us know if you were able to update your phone with this Android 4.0.2 update. Readers can also comment what bug does it fixes and still what errors that you are facing on your phone.

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