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                    The Old developer Community have managed to yet again get hold of another Beta release of the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for the Samsung Galaxy SII.

                   The release version is named I9100XXLPB, and has a build date of 29 January, so it’s fairly recent indeed. And according to users who have flashed their Galaxy SII with this pre-release firmware, it would seem to be a big improvement over a previously leaked version of the ICS update.

              As you can see from the picture above, the update has an improved UI compared to previous ICS betas, and according to reports the latest version also has better battery performance too.
This leaked version of ICS for the SII seems to be the most stable useable version yet. However, there are still areas that are either a bit iffy or do not work at all yet – like the GPS functionality. Also, there is apparently an update notification that refuses to go away. Check out the video below to see the update in action.

                 If the fact that a few things are still not working hasn’t put you off and you want to give the latest update a test run you can follow this link to download the files required. Once you’ve done that you’ll also need to download this file to find a step by step tutorial for applying the update. You’ll also need to root your Galaxy SII – files and tutorial can be found here.
Remember, it’s important you know what you are doing though, as if you don’t it can go horribly wrong and will most likely void your warranty.

Again Here is the Good news For the Galaxy Nexus Users. A new update for the phone has somehow managed by the Developers at XDA and is now available for the public to download. It brings the phone up to version Android 4.0.4 and includes a whole bunch of  Bug fixes and improvements.


  • Phone runs much faster than the Previous Updates
  • Signal Strength Improved
  • Changed Power Menu
  • Faster Boot Time
  • Change in Auto brightness Functionality
  • Multitouch issue resolved
  • Fixes the battery stats bug
  • Improved radios for much better 3G/4G switching
  • Increased Volume
  • Keyboard fixes and a lot more

Surely Every Galaxy Nexus User want this Update as soon as Possible on their Phones.For Further Details Head over to the XDA-Developers forum for download links.

             A BGR report suggests that Samsung Galaxy S3 release is expected in April and it will come with 12 mega pixel camera.
            Samsung Galaxy S3 is making headlines across the world. There are all sorts of speculations about how the forthcoming edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S series smart phone would look like and what improvements it would incorporate in it. Though no one is sure, nonetheless reports reveal that the new phone would hit the shelves as early as April.
A report in the Boy Genius Report that has made several successful revelations in the past has suggested that the new Galaxy S series phone from Samsung will be introduced in April in a press conference a few weeks after the Mobile World Congress.
The Mobile World Congress will begin in Barcelona on Feb. 27 and will end on March 1. A BGR report says, “Following the leak of an image depicting what will likely be the first Galaxy-branded smartphone to carry Samsung’s custom user interface atop Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, industry insider Eldar Murtazin noted on Thursday that he believes the Galaxy S III will launch in April”.
There are all sorts of speculation doing the round about the forthcoming super phone from Samsung. The new Galaxy S3 phone is expected be powered by a 1.8 GHz quad core processor with Samsung’s Exynos series of SoC, a Super AMOLED HD display and 4G LTE connectivity. It is also expected to come with 2GB RAM. Of course, the new Galaxy S phone will work on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the most recent update to the mobile OS from Google. Well, we will be getting one more incredible smartphone from Samsung next year.
Though many wouldn’t agree, but the next gen Samsung phone may also be a 3D version. “A 3D version of the Galaxy is expected and it’s likely to be called the Galaxy S 3D. A 3D display is likely along with support for 3D video and photo shooting. The 3D fever seems to be hitting mobile phones and Samsung hadn’t jumped onboard the bandwagon,” says Tech2’s Rossi Fernandes.
Sony is going to follow the latest market trends when it comes to storage. It will certainly come with three storage options including 16/32/64GB of storage. It is also expected to have an option of microSD card of up to 64GB.
A great attraction that the forthcoming smart phone from Samsung will have is 12 megapixel 4000×3000 pixels, LED flash rear camera.  If it showcases such a strong camera, Apple will also be forced to improve the camera in its forthcoming smart phone, iPhone 5.