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The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830I is big hit and it’s among the top selling Android Smartphones after Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note. Good news for the Galaxy Ace users in India as there is an Android 2.3.6 update available for them. This is an official release from Samsung and the users should be able to update it Over the Air. This upgrade will update Android version to Android 2.3.5 and if you are on 2.3.5 then you can directly proceed with the software.

This update is available via OTA and you don’t require any connection to Samsung KIES. If you are on GPRS please make sure that you switch over to Wi-Fi as it may cost you much for the download of the software file.
There is no official change released by Samsung in this update and we are sure that this will fixes bugs from the previous version and it will provide few improvements and enhancements. This update will delete contacts, call logs, phone memory storage files and we recommend you to back it up before you update. In some cases you might receive notification of this update on your device, if you have received such follow the onscreen instructions and update with the same. If you have not received any such then you can check it manually. To do that follow the path of home screen and hit Menu > Settings > About Phone > System update and click on Android update. Your update will be automatically be installed on your handset and you would be able to use your handset within 10 minutes.
To check the software version on your device after update you need to go to Home Screen tap on Menu > Settings > About phone and check the Android version present on your handset. It should show Android 2.3.6 after the update. Do let us know about your experience after the firmware upgrade. If you wants to get Ice Cream Sandwich overlay on your Galaxy Ace, although officially Samsung has announced that Galaxy Ace will not receive ICS update as hardware is not compatible you can install Styled Custom ROM and have a fell of Android 4.0. For your information Galaxy Ace successor is arrived in the form of Galaxy Ace Plus and do check it out its specifications.
 The S5830I model does have a better camera and a few more features, but the price jump is almost unrealistic.

Awesome Android Launchers

1. Golauncher EX

Go launcher is the best launcher for your Android phone, it includes Free Themes and weather widgets

2. ADW launcher

This is one of most used launchers for android Phones with tons of themes to download.

3. Regina 3D launcher

An SPB like Launcher, this launcher has a 3D homecsreen view just like SPB Shell 3D.

4. MX Home T

A wooden launcher with kool icon animations.

5. Launcher 7

Launcher7 makes your Android mimic a Windows Phone 7.

6. Helauncher

Helauncher will make your Android homescreen look like a HTC or Motorola Phone.

7. PandaHome

PandaHome is also one of the best looking launchers for android with tons of free themes.

8. Open Home

Open Home is one of the best and most popular launchers on the android market.

9. SPB Shell 3D

This paid Launcher will make your android phone look kooler then other Launchers but the only drawback is the price of $15 dollars.

10. Crazy Home Pro

Crazy Home screen replacement it’s also very kool with lots of kool looking themes and features.

How To Flash A Custom ROM

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Samsung Galaxy Ace
1. Download your favorite ROM. like Cyanogen 7,CM9, ICS By Jusada or anything else.

2. When u downloaded, Don’t extract that .zip File! Put the ROM on your micro SD(Secure Digital) or micro SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity).

3. Turn your mobile off and start it up with: power on – home. when your screen lights up, release the power on buton. (get down by use the volume up buton and up with volume up. confirm with the home buton). Install zip from SD –> Let It Finish and turn of you phone (Get The battery out)

4. start it up with: power on – home. when your screen lights up, release the power on buton. –>wipe data/factory reset –> wipe cache partition –> advanced –> wipe dalvik cache.

5. Now You Can Install your ROM. Get Back with the Back Buton and Vhoose: Install .zip from SD Card –> Choose zip From SD card –> [Choose your Custom ROM.]

Comment Your Problems Below..

Many of Galaxy Ace Users Bricked Their Phones.There Can be Many Reasons for Bricking.It Can be due to interruption during flashing process,upgrading firmware through Kies or due to ROM Manager.But Now We Have Come up with the Tutorial that how to Unbrick Galaxy Ace.
(It Works 100% if You Follow All Steps Correctly)

Bricked : If Your Phone does not boot into the downloading mode or Nothing is going to display by the phone.Then There are High Chances that You’ve bricked your Phone..


Step 1 – Prepare Odin with the firmware You want to flash (in my case was gingerbread 2.3.3) and get it ready to Go.

Step 2 – Remove battery, SIM and SD card, next connect your galaxy ace to the computer;

Step 3 – Hold Volume down + Power + Home button at the same time;

Step 4 – Insert the battery and wait a bit;

Step 5 – At this point Odin should have detected your Samsung Galaxy Ace ( Yellow rectangle should appear);

Step 6 – Click Start button in Odin and wait about 5 min.

If You do All Above Steps Correctly Then It should come back to life.

Download Gingerbread 2.3.4 DDKQ6 firmware


Developer at XDA made flashable .zip from STOCK RECOVERY for Galaxy ACE S5830…
Its good for get warranty back after backup/restore with CWM (Clock Work Mod) Recovery….
It will overwrite CWM Recovery by STOCK Recovery…



– Download .zip to the root folder of your SD card
– Install as .zip from CWM Recovery 4 or 5

 Ice Cream Sunday Final

ROM + Guide : Ice Cream Sunday Final by jusada + changes. Aka: ICSunday Final mod

First, thanks to jusada , slaid480 , ketut.kumajaya , chainfire , nims11 , Grif_07 , GadgetCheck , djsky2011 , EmoBoiix3 and many others for all their hard work and time and the files/info.

This thread was first posted on Redflagdeals for canadians using Koodo mobile. Posting it here now with jusada’s approval for everyone.

What’s different from ICS Final?

Calculator, Calendar/Storage/Provider , Deskclock Widget , Download app , Email (gmail not removed) , FM radio , Gallery 3D ( I use quickpic instead, it is faster) , ICS Theme/Theme Manager/Theme Chooser ,
Media Uploader , Music , Pico TTS/TTS Service

Market 3.4.4 , Turbo Boost 8.5 , gps.conf (see end of thread if you are not canadian) , boot animation (Android Particle Ring Blue) , Dolphin browser mini (stock browser removed) , blackhawk kernel by ketut.kumajaya , build.prop

Iphone ringtone/notification , Root browser free , LagFreeV1 , torch

You can download the removed apps here. To add the ones you want, open and add them in system/app (before installing the rom) :

If you already installed the rom, copy them with root browser to system/app (don’t install them, long press on it to see the menu with copy/paste/permissions) , set permissions to rw-r–r– , reboot the phone.


1. Download The files:
The ROM Without tweaks (Overclocks better? I put the deep sleep build.prop tweaks in this one as well so battery use will be good too, I recommend this one) :
MD5: aa23c332d82476e34c1ab967a93f5ece
The ROM With tweaks (UI feels slower to me, possibly uses less battery): /// /// MD5: 591e70c92c8ee132f5f76423013f9f47

ClockWorkModAce: MD5: 08e4419cfb83fbd4217c5f486778f5e4
recovery-clockwork- MD5: ba3d09df567757081da5dd6e8fb2d0b0

2.Connect your phone to your pc with the USB cable, turn on USB transfer from the phone’s status bar.
3.Copy the 3 zip files to your phone’s SD card. Safely remove the drive from your pc (lower right corner in windows, eject/unmount in linux or mac).

(If you already have CWM, Skip to step 6) (To navigate in recovery mode, use Volume Up/ down to move up/down , home button to select items, back to go back.)
4.Shutdown the phone. Press Home and hold it, press power until your phone is on and let go of power, let go of home when you are in recovery, install from your SD card.
5.Reboot, go in to recovery, install
6.Reboot, go in to recovery, wipe data/factory reset , go in mounts and storage ; format /system ,
press back ; go in advanced ; wipe dalvik cache, press back, go to install zip from sdcard, choose
press back, reboot system now.
(Don’t worry if you get a sd-ext error, it’s because your sd card doesn’t have a 2nd partition).
Setting it up:

Skip Set up your google account(no internet connection, we will do it later). Press next ( I unticked the location options, up to you if you want or not).

Go in Settings,
Wireless & Networks:
Turn on and set up wifi / bluetooth if you use them.
Mobile networks : Turn off Data enabled if you don’t use mobile data.
If you use data go in : Access Point Names:
(for canadians with koodo)
Push on the Telus SP text (not the circle),
Name: Koodo SP ; APN: ; Proxy: ; Port: 80 ; Username/Password/Server are blank ; MMSC: ; leave the rest like it is.
Press Back and push the circle.

CyanogenMod Settings:
Input: Haptic feedback tweaks ; Untick Haptic feedback main if you don’t like it ( saves battery too )

Interface: Status bar tweaks: Battery style “percentage” ; Tick Compact carrier label ; Tick Status bar brightness if you want it (change brightness by sliding finger on it)
Press back , go down to Overscroll effect , push on none.

Performance: Tick 16 bit transparency, Allow Purging of assets.

Sound: Mute camera shutter

Screen preferences: Untick Wallpaper Scrolling

Drawer Settings: Go down and untick: Animated Drawer, Fade app labels

General Behavior: Untick Sense previews

System Preferences: Scrolling cache “Low quality”

UI Settings: Main Dock Style (I usually set it to 5 and add market, browser, phone, camera )

Animation: No animations
Screen timeout: 30 seconds

Location & Security:
Untick Use GPS Satellites

Applications: Tick Unknown Sources
Development: Untick USB debugging notify , Tick Stop app via long-press.

Accounts & Settings:
Add your google account. (now that we have an internet connection)
Disable Auto-sync if you want to save some battery (add the power widget to the desktop and setting the wifi turns on / off sync if you don’t want it to work on 3g).

Reboot the phone.
Install SetCPU from the market or from the official thread :
(use Root browser and go to sdcard to install the apk)

Run SetCPU and click Autodetect Speeds. Allow Superuser.

Tick Set on boot.

Go to Profiles, tick enable / notifications.
Add profiles:
Profile 1: In call: Min 122880 , Max 787200 , Scaling conservative , Priority 100
Profile 2: Screen off: Min 122880 , Max 122880 , Scaling powersave , priority 90
Profile 3: Charging: Min 245760 , Max 825600 (set higher if you want, depends on the phone, I set it to 902400, your phone might reboot) , Scaling ondemand , Priority 80
Profile 4: Battery: 50%: Min 122880 , Max 787200 , Scaling conservative , priority 70 (remove this profile if you care more about performance)
Profile 5: Battery: 101%: Min 122880 Max 806400 (set higher for more performance and less battery life) , Scaling ondemand (set to conservative if you want to save more battery) , priority 60

(Set min CPU speed to 245mhz to fix wake up lag, uses more battery however.)

Add different/more profiles if you want, these are the ones I use.

Install Quickpic from the market (faster than Gallery)

You can add the power control widget to your screen to turn on wifi ( and you can set it to turn on / off sync ) and flashlight / etc. I use this instead of the status bar one (which you can disable in Cyanogenmod settings).

If you want different wallpapers / ringtones go to or install their app from the market. Or in dolphin browser there is a speed dial link for wallpapers.

If you use an alternate keyboard, after you set it up, delete Latinime.apk/odex and UserDictionaryProvider.apk/odex from system/app with root browser.

For gps.conf , go to , on the right it says Active Servers , click on your region , write down the first 2 servers (example : , ) , click on your country , write down 1 of the servers (example server ).

Go to system/etc with root browser , open it with text editor ( long press and scroll down ) , change the servers with the ones you wrote down. Save and reboot.

secgps.conf (faster gps lock) : ; Copy secgps.conf in the zip file to your SDcard, then copy it to /data/gps/ with root browser (press your finger on it for a few seconds to see the copy and permissions option) , change persmissions to rw-r–r–

Live wallpapers : ; Copy LivewallpapersPicker.apk to system/app with root browser , set permissions to rw-r–r–

Google Maps 5.8 (doesn’t lag or crash, don’t update it to the newer one) : ; Copy to google maps 5.8.apk to system/app with root browser , set permissions to rw-r–r–

Adobe Flash : ; Extract and copy to SD and install as a normal app with Root browser.

How to Calibrate your battery ; guide by Hiroshirou :
1. (phone on) charge to 100% until it actually says full in settings > about phone > status > battery status
2. unplug charger and turn off phone
3. (phone off) plug charger in until it charges to 100%
4. unplug charger and power it on
5. (phone on) plug the charger in and charge it to 100%
6. unplug charger and reboot phone to recovery (into cwm5)
7. go to advanced and clear battery stats.
8. turn on the the phone and charge it to 100% – DONE!

How to use link2sd (install apps to sd card):
Insert your SD card into your pc’s SD card reader.
Format it with minitool partition wizard (gparted with linux) , make a primary (not logical) partition fat32 use everything but 500MB , make the 2nd partition primary and ext3 using the rest of the 500mb.
Put the SD card in the phone. Install link2sd from the market, open it and choose the ext3 option, set it to move apps automatically in the options.

Infinity Rom

Well its fully transparent rom fully Cristal clear
I worked on many aspects for performance improvement
So its very fast rom and light weight
I tried my best to make it best user interface you ever used on your galaxy ace.
For me I get most of things that I thought when started this project.
If you not like Rom no matter but don’t spam as you not paid for it so you not have any right for abusing me.
So now I completed small introduction with rom.


First of all its based on cm7.2
Kernel updated to black hawk OC kernel by ketut.kumajaya
Its fully transparent includind most of apps
Many mods in UI which will you notice when you use it
Camera Improvement (I’m not much using so need confirmation)
some one asked me ones on screen buttons
so it has on screen buttons. choose from cm setting/tablet setting/soft buttons
I not remember all my mods as working for around month
Well now barbones is in demand so its also barbones
very light weight
many modifications to improve performance
turbocharger script by Gadgetcheck
And lots more

Plz feel free to tell bugs and also help in fixes if you can

Very speciall thanks to these guys
AXEl2033 for cm7.2
Ketut.kumajaya for OC kernel
Gadgetcheck for Turbocharger script
Last but not the list
Persion who moded bootanimation of cm9(actually not remember who done this out of all cm9 cooper team.

Download Link: 

How to install

Go in cwm5
wipe data factory reset
wipe cache partition
wipe dalvic cache
now install rom
now reboot twice for better performance

after you see launcher flash this by cwm
MMS text bug fix [update 7/1/12]